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Stop Bickerton Wind Turbines - Update 24/3/13

Since Banks Developments abandoned plans to erect giant wind turbines in Bickerton, (see next section for further details) the SBWT committee has met on several occasions and agreed the following actions:

  • The immediate industrialisation threat is past and as a consequence the activities of the Stop Bickerton Wind Turbines association will be wound down
  • The committee will however meet at regular but less frequent intervals, maintaining a state of "watchful waiting" so that if further threats arise, it can react very quickly
  • The committee, in partnership with other groups, will take appropriate action to influence local and national planning policies in order to reduce the possibility of similar proposals which may have negative impacts on the community and the landscape
  • The website (this website) will continue, however, the inbox for info@stopbickertonwindturbines.co.uk will only be reviewed every few months

Bickerton turbines threat blown away!

Banks Developments has announced that it is abandoning plans to erect giant wind turbines in Bickerton

The reason, given in a company statement (see below), is that there is insufficient wind to make a wind power station commercially viable. This is fantastic news for the overwhelming number of residents in Bickerton and the neighbouring parishes who opposed the proposal.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign to stop this inappropriate project. Particularly our thanks must go to our MP Stephen O'Brien, who has worked tirelessly to help us both at local and national levels.

We very much hope that this is the end of the story. However, this may not necessarily be so.

At Oxheys Farm, near Tarporley, npower erected a wind monitoring mast in February 2005. It was dismantled after a period of about 12 months and little more was heard by the local residents. However, in April 2009, some four years later, it was announced that Cornwall Light & Power were intending to submit a planning application for a wind power station at the same site. The action group opposing this inappropriate development has re-formed and is currently campaigning vigorously to stop it.

Although we have been led to believe that Banks Developments has decided not to proceed on the basis of the data from the wind monitoring mast, this is only one of several factors that developers consider in the initial stages of a wind power station project. Other factors include the cost and availability of capital, subsidies, environmental considerations and opposition from local and national groups.

Hopefully our strategy, supported vigorously by local residents, has played a significant role in persuading Banks Developments to halt this project.

We will be writing to Banks Developments to ask how they intend to close this project off and will then call an Extraordinary General Meeting of our supporters to consider the most appropriate course of action from now on.

This is likely to involve proposals to:

a) Retain a contingency fund which can be used to revitalise the campaign quickly, should another developer decide to submit a similar proposal

b) Return the balance of the donations made by local residents on a "pro rata" basis

We will publish the results of this meeting on our website, so watch this space!

And finally, this project has had a deeply divisive effect. It is very important for the sake of the community that we put the past two years behind us and do whatever we can to reconcile any differences of opinion that this project has caused. We are privileged to live in a very beautiful, tranquil area and need to work together now to preserve it not only for local residents but also the many visitors who value it as we do.

The purpose of this website ...

... designed by members of the local community, is to explain clearly for the benefit of local residents and visitors to this area ….

As with many things, it’s all a question of balance and in this website we set out to balanceshow that the harmful effects of the proposed development far outweigh the limited benefits of an industrial wind power station in Bickerton.

According to the developers, the mast has been erected to assess the type of wind on this site. This information will be used to ensure that any planned turbines have an appropriate design. It will also be a key factor when the developer is deciding whether to apply for planning permission for an industrial wind power station.

There are few instances where a developer has gone to the expense of erecting a wind monitoring mast without following up with a planning application for an industrial wind power station. We can assume with some certainty that a planning application will be submitted, probably between May and December 2009.

About us

“Stop Bickerton Wind Turbines” or SBWT was born in January 2008. We are a membership association served by a committee currently made up of seven local residents. Officers and roles include:

Our immediate aim is to prevent the construction of a large industrial wind turbine power station on a site lying between and very close to Bickerton Hill (belonging to the National Trust) and Cholmondeley Park, both designated Areas of Special County Value for landscape.

As we've said already, it's all a question of balance and in this website we set out to homepage_quoteshow that the harmful effects of the proposed development far outweigh the limited benefits of an industrial wind power station in Bickerton. Each industrial wind turbine power station has its own particular set of issues which need to be researched thoroughly. SBWT is opposed to the Bickerton proposals because, if approved, they will have a major impact on the lives of residents and visitors to the communities of Bickerton, Cholmondeley, Brown Knowl, Bulkeley and Egerton for at least 25 years. Specifically, such a development would have a harmful impact on.

Wind power in the UK

As scientists stated several times before, United Kingdom is one of the best locations for wind power in the world. Wind power delivers a significant percentage of the energy in the United Kingdom especially because there are about 7,000 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of more than 13 gigawatts. If the offshore capacity is about 5,000 megawatts, the onshore capacity exceeds 8,500 megawatts. But what are the pros and cons of wind power?

Impact of wind power on environment

Although wind power is a green energy source that does not cause pollution, unlike other power sources, wind energy is an intermittent source of energy and relies on the wind intensity. It requires some sort of energy storage and it has an enormous potential, being able to offer 20 times more energy than the entire human population would need. Yet the noise is a problem that people living near wind turbines cannot ignore. It can give serious headaches and, even worse, it can threaten wildlife – bats and birds.

Wind turbines placed nearby endangered bird species can lead to lowering their number. Although wind turbines conserve and keep water clean and do not pollute air like other sources of electricity, bird collisions are quite common. However, some wind turbines around London spin only about 15 times per minute, so the life of birds is not threatened anymore. In addition to this, the construction of wind systems requires the transportation of heavy and large equipment, which can result in damaging of the area near the turbines.

Wind power provides several environmental advantages that outnumber the disadvantages. People militate for stopping the production and functioning of wind turbines, but their disadvantages are lowered and slowly eliminated. If wind power is spread all over the world, there will be no need for destructive resource mining or fuel transportation to the processing facilities. As a consequence, harvesting the wind will help us preserve our resources.

Contrary to what many people believe, wind power includes a renewable energy economy. You and your companion from this website will discover that wind energy is affordable and provides jobs. Even though wind can never be predicted and strong tornadoes will prove to be harmful to the wind turbines, in certain areas they will offer important energy for the entire country.

The visual appeal of wind turbines

The frequency of cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes has increased considerably during the last few years, which will make us question the safety of people working in wind farms. But as mentioned before, wind power provides both advantages and disadvantages. In areas where chilly winds are received can be stored massive amounts of energy that will cut down the demand for fossil energy.

People complain about the looks of wind turbines, but the modern ones are quite visually appealing. Instead of being an eyesore on the lands nearby London, these wind turbines are catchy and represent a great décor for a photo session with your companion. What do you think, will wind turbines offer us a healthier future?